ORSONS TRADING, INCORPORATED has been operating since 1982.  It was founded by the late Oscar Villanueva Rolda (one of the pioneer salesmen of AG&P) and started as a single proprietorship under contract with Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific (AG&P) as their authorized dealer.

Its main purpose is to deliver goods and render services to clients and to fully sustain their operational needs.

During the early years of its operations, Mr. Oscar V. Rolda personally handled the day-to-day transactions of the company.  Since its inception it grew in terms of manpower and sales, and has been a consistent top dealer of AG&P for several years.  This condition continued under his tutelage until October 23, 1990, the day he passed away.

Mr. Oscar V. Rolda’s untimely demise did not deter the family from continuing what he has started.  Headed this time by his wife, Mrs. Irenea Mendiola-Rolda and their son, Mr. Edgar M. Rolda, they pursued to maintain the path towards the top.

Under Mrs. Rolda’s leadership, ORSONS TRADING has expanded its market base.  This was done by capturing a number of customers in some part of the metropolis thus fulfilling what Mr. Rolda has dreamt before.

Knowing the urgency to meet the growing demands of its clients and the limited capabilities of a single proprietorship, the family then agreed to establish a more dynamic organization and decided to convert the company into a corporation.

Three years after assuming her position, the whole family celebrated on April 1, 1993 the incorporation of the company.  Together with change of the organization, the company name also changed it name from Orsons Trading to what the company is now known as ORSONS TRADING, INC.

With the changing of our organization, our principal, AG&P also experienced the same situation.

On June 16, 1993 AG&P was absorbed by the D.M. Consunji Group and the new owners decided that Wire Rope Corporation of the Phils. (WRCP) will be retained to handle directly the marketing, sales and promotions of their leading brand, Blue Strand and its other related products.

Currently, ORSONS is part of the marketing force of WRCP as of the authorized dealer.  Our company objective is to act as the support group of our principal.

With this agreement we have aggressively promoted and established a good relationship with a number of our loyal clientele for “Blue Strand” wire rope and other products (Talurit Slings, Kuplex Chains, Webbing Sling, Crosby Hooks and fittings) to major points in Luzon, Visayas and even as far as Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao.

As proof of our dedication to quality goods and services, our company has been cited and continuously receiving orders from our clients.

Today, ORSONS TRADING, INC., stands firmly to its commitment, that is, to provide quality products and give the best service the customer deserves.